Take awesome meeting notes
and follow up on tasks.

Reign in meetings with Meeting Canary, your meeting assistant that helps
you take amazing notes and manage outcomes like a pro.

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Meeting notes

Awesome notes everyone will appreciate

Use Meeting Canary's powerful notes dashboard to take elegant notes. Automatically send them to all attendees after. Store them in the cloud, or download them as PDFs.


Automatically follow up on tasks

Project-manage tasks from the meeting, without lifting a finger. Let Meeting Canary's issue tracker with automated reminders follow up.

Meeting dashboard

Keep it organised, forever

Meeting Canary will keep all your meeting stuff together in one place, where you, the guests, and anyone else you invite can check back at any time.

Works with any calendar

(with absolutely zero integration hassle)

...and pretty much any other calendar

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Frequently asked questions

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What does inviting Meeting Canary to a meeting do?
When you invite Meeting Canary, your calendar (Google, Outlook, Zoho, etc) sends out a calendar invite email – you've probably seen these in your inbox before, it has a quick summary of the meeting. Meeting Canary takes this invite and adds it to your account. From that email, we know the time, place, who's attending, and some other important details.
How does it work for other attendees?
Other attendees of your meeting will automatically receive an email copy of your meeting's notes following the meeting. Additionally, it will list out actionable tasks you've assigned to them so they know what they need to do. They can check the meeting notes at any time by giong back to that email, by going to the permalink for the meeting's page, or by downloading the contents as a PDF.
How does task tracking work?
Once you assign a task to an attendee, you also specify the type of reminders they will recieve. Perhaps they should get a weekly email, or simply a reminder one day before it's due – you can specify all this when you assign the task.
I made a meeting, but I don't want to take notes...
No problem! Assign note-taking duties to any of the other attendees, and they will receive an email with instructions. As the meeting organiser, you still get full access to those notes!
Can I use Meeting Canary as a project management tool?
Absolutely! All tasks come with their own pages where progress can be tracked, comments can be left, files can be shared and timelines and deliverables can be adjusted. So in effect, Meeting Canary is a project management tool that's focused around meetings.
What will it cost? Will there be a free plan?
First, we need to finish the beta version and then we will finalise pricing. There will probably be a free plan, but can't say for sure at this point. If you sign up to be notified when Meeting Canary is ready, we will send you all this information as soon as it becomes available.