Meeting Canary

Sync your events between calendars

With Meeting Canary, you can effortlessly keep your work and personal calendars in sync. Never forget when you have calls, meetings - or a gym class!

How does it work?

Meeting Canary works through the standard event calendar system.


Create a calendar address

When you create an account, you will be able to create calendar addresses such as [email protected].


Specify all the calendars you wish to sync to

For example, you might have a work calendar, a personal calendar and another calendar you share with your partner for events concerning both of you. Simply specify them and they will receive events from any invites you get to your calendar address.


That's it!

Now, you're synced. Any time or location changes will be automatically changed in your synced calendars as well!

Calendar sync is only the beginning

Meeting Canary is your meeting buddy

Sync many calendars down to one

With Meeting Canary, your work and personal calendars can all be synced into one - they will still be separate, but you will never have to check more than one.

Works with any calendar

Use it with Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, or any other email/calendar provider. You name it - it works with Meeting Canary!

Forward any event invite

Let other people add their own events to your calendar too! Forward any calendar invite to Meeting Canary to add it to your common calendar.

Meeting Canary is almost done...but not quite

Are you interested though? Leave us your name and email, and you will be contacted as soon as Meeting Canary is ready to use.


We will not, under any circumstances, use your information for anything other than emailing you a product launch email. And that will be all - forever.